Commercial Tire Dealer Programs

TAF Management, Inc. a consulting and project management company, is offering busy "Commercial Tire" executives solutions to long and short term sales and management needs. We custom develop programs to fit your unique situation.

Here's a few of the programs we have offered to companies and the results have been measurably positive. All programs are custom built to fit your needs.

Sales Team Development:

  • Sales Manager Program - Individual or Multi-location
  • Time management
  • How to identify and solicit target accounts
  • Customer ranking for potential
  • How to evaluate truck tire performance without huge software programs
  • Assistance writing emails, letters and presentations
  • Product mix and it's affect on profitability

Improving Operations:

  • Mini P&L's - By tire service bay, mechanical service bay, service trucks, or individuals
  • DOT/FMCSA training and self audits
  • Mounted wheel and route truck programs
  • Scrap tires - how to create a program that generates a profit
  • Industry performance ratios - A/R, GP, NP, Inventory turns, ROI
  • Retread profitability

Management Services:

  • Third party truck tire performance evaluations
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging of services
  • Establishing product value
  • Developing job descriptions and compensation programs
  • Recruiting
  • Personnel assessments
  • WOTS - weaknesses, opportunities, threats and strengths

There is little risk. TAF Management does not expect to be compensated unless you are completely satisfied.

Preliminary site and office consultations are "Free of Charge"

References available!

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Carl Koester - President