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  • What is going on with the price of tires?
  • Why the constant increases?
  • What should I do?

I'm sure if you have a fleet of trucks, or just one truck, you are asking yourself these questions every time you go to buy tires.

There has been a shift in the thinking of tire manufacturers with regard to approaching the market. They no longer believe that gaining market share will necessarily lead them to increased profits. They are now producing high quality tires and selling them at premium prices to gain quality "performance" minded customers. Good news...we all want premium tires! It's true that raw materials have increased the cost of producing tires but the real issue is limited production to produce a higher demand. Thus, a high selling price to you.

So what should you do? We have some answers:

The first thing to consider is the acquisition price you are paying. Many fleets are finding that they need to become a customer of a tire manufacturer's national account program or belong to a buying group to get a favorable price. Let's face it......no one is selling a $500 tire for $250! There is a reason the price is that much lower. The desired situation is to purchase the premium $500 tire for $450 so that there is no quality sacrificed?

We have some answers. Let's talk about your situation to see if we can save you some money when buying tires..

The second thing to consider is are you getting the most life out of the tires you are purchasing? Proper maintenance of tires is essential. Learn how to get the most life out of your tires. Save money by preserving your tires to be retreaded or traded in for new tires. Also, we can teach you how to select tires that will give you maximum performance based on wheel position and specific use. Using a tire that is designed for the application is paramount to getting the best mileage and retreadability.

We have some answers. Let's talk about application specific new tires and retreads.

Lastly, just how do you know which tire brand will perform best on your vehicles?
Again, we may have some answers. We have developed simple ways to calculate "cost per mile" and project the savings over the life span of the tire. We can also tell you what a tire is worth when compared to a similar tire. Simple testing is the answer. No huge programs to buy! Let's talk about testing your tires to see if you are getting the best "cost per mile" available.

Do you have a formal tire program? If not, you need to have one. It's easy and it doesn't have to be complicated.

Please feel free to contact us. There is no fee to discuss your situation!!

Carl Koester