Goodyear/Ryder Tire Program Training

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What is the LIMO program?

I'll learn the Goodyear/Ryder tire program entirely at my cost

I'll show you how to implement the program into your business

I'll monitor the program for accuracy

I'll show you how to optimize the program in your dealership

Need Extra Horsepower?

Bringing a significant new customer into your business can be a challenge. It's not just about how to handle this new surge of activity but, how best to prevent it from eroding the service levels currently being enjoyed by your current loyal customers, the focus can be lost.

What typically happens is your management team, which is usually taxed to the limit already, must redirect their attention to this new large and highly demanding customer. Early mistakes are best avoided when this task is separated from the current management scheme. Again, your management team is most likely capable of handling this task. Still, the void will be felt from the lack of attention to the day-to-day operations that have lead your dealership to become the premier service provider in your market.

You could say that the agreement between Goodyear and Ryder is a win-win proposition. That's great, but what about your dealership? Doesn't it need to be a win-win-win situation? Without caution, it could be a win-win-lose situation, and that just can't be the case. Success is not an option; it has to become workable since the program will be with you for many years.

Why hire outside assistance?

  • The focus will be concentrated on the task at hand
  • Communication between your dealership and both Ryder and Goodyear will be fulfilled
  • Your team will understand the requirements needed to comply with this program
  • Training will be provided for managers and techs down the line on how to adhere to all the program details
  • Errors and omissions will be headed off before they become consistent problems
  • Upper management will be informed as to the performance of the dealership and it's adherence to the program
  • Easy to end consulting agreement when the task is completed

What will be achieved?

  • Perspective, you can't allow this new customer to change the daily operations of your business?
  • Focus, what impact is this new customer having on your business both operationally and financially?
  • Getting off to a good start will garner respect from both Goodyear and Ryder, which can be extremely valuable when problems arrive later

Employees want to do a good job, and proper training will allow them to do their part successfully

Obviously, this is a draft as I still need to evaluate the program. But, I have spent many years running the operations of substantially large independent commercial tire dealers. Let's discuss to determine if my program fits your dealership.

Always feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

Carl Koester - President
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